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Grants Awarded

Items to create a Calming Sensory Corner

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Brooklake Elementary School

Items to create a Calming Sensory Corner were awarded to Mrs. Volpe to be used in her Special Education Resource Classroom. Items include mindfulness cards, calming wheels, sensory dough, books, yoga kits, weighted lap pads, breathing board, pillows, seating and a canopy.

From Mrs. Volpe:

Thanks to the extreme generosity of the FPEF, the new Calming Corner in my classroom has been a significant tool in assisting students in times of need. It has become a place where they can feel safe as it provides a soothing, private area within the classroom to go when they’re feeling overwhelmed, upset, or just need a break. It has also been extremely helpful in assisting students who get easily distracted by providing a calming space to focus and regroup. The beanbag chair, wobble cushions, and pillow offer cozy seating where students can relax and explore engaging books about mindfulness and emotions. The baskets contain calming sensory items including a breathing board, fidgets, liquid sensory viewers and mood identifiers. There are also sand timers so students can monitor their time in the corner.


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