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Brooklake Read-A-Thon


Thank you to all that made this event a success! Certificates for student winners will be sent home Thursday, March 28th. Congratulations to our winning classes!

Florham Park Education Foundation extends a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the families who participated in our 2024 Read-A-Thon! We are incredibly proud of our readers and grateful for your support. Thanks to you, we were able to raise $2,150 for our schools!   Participating students read an average of 36 minutes per day! Way to go Brooklake!!  


Congratulations to: 

  • Luca D., 3rd grade, for raising the most money.

  • Declan Z., 5th grade, for reading the most minutes.

  • Classroom 3WT, for raising the most money.

  • Classroom 5AG, for the class with the most minutes read. 

Classroom Winners will have a free recess scheduled after spring break! Teachers of these classrooms will receive a gift card to a local restaurant.


Please help us improve next year by filling out this brief survey.

What is Read-a-thon?

A Read-a-thon is a reading fundraiser that encourages reading at home and at school. Family and friends are invited to support students with a one-time donation. This donation goes to the FPEF and in turn helps to fund teacher grants, district initiatives like the outdoor classroom at Ridgedale Middle School, and families in need with children in the Florham Park public school system. 

How long is the event?

The Read-a-thon is 2 weeks. It begins on Monday, March 11, and runs through Monday, March 25, 2024. 

How do I sign up?

Create your account by selecting your student’s homeroom teacher. Then invite family and friends to support your child’s Read-a-thon with a donation. During the registration process, you’ll have the option to send emails and texts to family and friends directly from the site, or you can have an email sent to your inbox that you are invited to forward as you wish. 

What are the prizes?

There will be two student winners: Top Reader and Most Raised.

These winners can select one prize of their choice below:

  • Lunch with the Principal 

  • 3rd Grade Teacher for a Day

  • Specials Teacher for a Day

  • Student Resource Officer (SRO) for a Day

  • Host the Morning Announcements for a Week

The class that raises the most wins a free recess.

The teacher with the highest participation wins a prize.

Additional Information

If you have questions, please email Megan Mink at

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