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About Us

Who we are

The Florham Park Education Foundation is a non-profit, public benefit corporation. It is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. We are an intentionally diverse and inclusive volunteer driven organization. We are committed to providing enhanced education programs for all students in the Florham Park School District regardless of race, class, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion and (dis)ability.

Together we can empower our students, teachers, and community

Our Mission

The Florham Park Education Foundation’s mission is to strengthen public education in the Florham Park School District through advocacy, fundraising, and investment in programs that empower every student to achieve both academic and personal success.


Our Vision

To make the Florham Park School District a recognized model of educational excellence and innovation, where every student can thrive and have the opportunity to reach their highest potential.

Case for support

The Foundation is not formed for pecuniary profit or financial gain. The purpose for which the Foundation is formed is to provide supplemental funding that will enhance and expand educational opportunities for all students to ensure long-range financial flexibility for district schools.

Excellence in education requires innovation to prepare our children for an increasingly complex and interconnected world. The Foundation bridges the gap between programs funded with tax dollars and the need for additional imaginative programs that inspire students to learn. The Foundation provides funding to all levels of the District’s educational system for special initiatives, opportunities and technology unable to be funded through the District’s budget.

Meet the Board of Directors

Executive Committee


Alexis Seubert


Elisa Puzzuoli


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Vice President


Faith Alcantara

Grants Chair


Karen Stein

Event Planning Chair


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Financial Planning & Controls Chair


Es Reyes

Marketing Chair


Cheryl Wasserman

Community Care Chair


Lisa Lynott 

Business & Community Fund Development 



Nicole Takla


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