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Struck by Art

Lisa Dennison

Self taught artist who began with a head trauma.

"I was struck by a stray softball at a local game and the resulting concussion seemed to open up the artist side of my brain. I have been non-stop painting and learning since!"

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Struck By Art
Struck By Art
Struck by art

Glass 4 Good

Margaret Malishchak

Creating to create good!

"Through glass4good I sell my original stained glass artwork and donate 100% of sales to a variety of social, environmental and climate justice  organizations."

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Laura Ring

Whether it's a unique vintage-inspired purse or an oversized modern tote in vibrant fabrics, Aurelia Handbags combine the best of old and new. Elegant fabrics and vintage sewing patterns mean each hand-made Aurelia handbag is a one-of-a-kind creation. Distinctive Aurelia totes and shoulder bags feature brilliant fabrics and roomy interiors. Hand-crafted and vintage-inspired, Aurelia Handbags make lovely gifts!”

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Bushra Omar

Fiber, Ornaments, Paper

20221219_221650 - Bushra Omar
20221203_090035 - Bushra Omar
20221203_085902 - Bushra Omar
20221203_090106 - Bushra Omar
20221203_085909 - Bushra Omar

Estomex Creations

Niels Pustrom


Hand crafted Sterling silver and mixed metal jewelry, using: precious, semi-precious stones, unique mineral and fossil specimens.

DSC03410.1 - Angelica Pustrom


Jill Nielson

Jewelry, Ornaments

"New Jersey girl, BFA in ceramics, picture framer and jewelry maker by choice."

J. Nielsen Quartz, black tourmaline, cane glass and onyx necklace - Jill Nielsen
KB J. Nielsen Pyrite and annealed steel - Jill Nielsen
J. Nielsen Double strand pyrite cubes necklace - Jill Nielsen
show booth, frame stuff, daylilies July 2019 002 - Jill Nielsen
J. Nielsen  Freshwater Pearl and Czech Glass Leaves Necklace - Jill Nielsen

Roberts Family Creations 

David Roberts

Wood, Fabric

6BC619FF-6A2E-4E39-8A6B-120325C0C4D3 - David Roberts
1A39AFB7-EF05-4755-A393-54919143A8F0 - David Roberts
1550F637-93BD-4F61-B04D-7E09475EF33E - David Roberts
C45978FB-C80A-443B-8F34-199C78B2C20D - David Roberts

Big Dog Glass And Design

Debra Weiss

Glass, Jewelry, dog related

E610ECDB-0F1C-4369-9B08-78A39EC7219F - Debra Weiss
36889859-8B4E-4600-A4A5-A83CE49608D2 - Debra Weiss
4C4E0C6A-ABB2-4536-B52E-DA2598AC142B - Debra Weiss


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Dawn Marie Papson-Shipe

Candles, soap, lotion, body butter, sugar scrubs

Handmade artisan soaps, soy wax wooden-wick candles, natural body lotion, Inspired by Disney & Harry Potter candles, body butter, sugar scrubs & more!

2063 - Dawnmarie Papson

Equinox Glass

Alison Slaff


Fused glass artist

Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 11.55.56 PM.png
DSC08249 - Alison Slaff


Catherine Hrung


WE  detail 07 - mochi meow


Tanu Kumar

Upcycled products

Upcycled zerowaste accessories, jewelry, totes, and everyday utility products

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Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 10.16.21 AM
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Alison Snure

Blue Ivory Shop

Art (Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor), Wood

Leni-Ann Koenig

Fyre Lynkz

Handcrafted Chainmaille Jewelry - woven one ring at a time!

Caitlin Vassoler

Phee and Co

Jewelry, Paper

Paul Scheper

Granfalloon Woodworks

Furniture, Resin, Wood

Robyn Turner

Birdie Bluejay Crochet

Christopher Struening

Green Village Woodworking

Accessories, Country Wood, Furniture, Mixed Media, Resin, Wood

Green Village Woodworking is a custom woodworking shop focused on producing fine quality products.

Shari Feinstein


Teri Willoughby-Deters

Huntington Learning Center

Tutoring K-12, Test Prep

Ella Mascolo

Giggle House, LLC

Hanover Park

High School


Michelle Lynch

Christmas All Year Round


Nicole Vuong

Accessories, Clay, Fabric, Ornaments, Pottery

Catie DeSista

Maureen McArthur

Es & Ulyses Reyes

Sharon L. Fox

Renate Messinato

Elizabeth Wall

Mae Hajjar

Tara Petrucci

Thank you Vendors!

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